Product Name : Brad point Drill Bit Sets
  • Sturdy metal case contains 170 bits, with 5-10 bits of each, depending on size
  • Smaller bits, more frequently lost or broken, are furnished in larger quantities
  • Molded interior of the case has a labeled foam padded lid to keep your bits organized

Brad Point bits are an absolute necessity in every woodworking shop and these two sets cover all the common sizes required. The fine brad point allows accurate positioning of the bit whether in a hand drill or drill press and then keeps it on position without "skating" while entering the wood. Sturdy case provides efficient storage of bits while not in use and displays the bits well during size selection. 

A. (DZZ262)
170 Piece Brad Point Drill Bit Set
B.(DZZ263) 170 Piece HSS Twist Drill Bit Set

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