Product Name : Contractor Saw PALS alignment Kit

When aligning a Contractor Saw, nothing will make the job as easy as out PALS kit. It provides you with a simple way to get the rear trunnion perfectly aligned using a pair of "micro-adjusting" screws at the ends of the rear trunnion. The PALS will allow you to align your saw perfectly in a few minutes of your time with little effort. 
All you will need in addition to the kit is a wrench, a few drops of "thread locking" compound, a few minutes of your time, and (hopefully) a dial indicator to make sure the saw's alignment is perfect. 
With the PALS on your saw, "pounding" the trunnion into place using a hammer & block of wood are gone forever! 

Note: Trunion Not Included

PALS (5/16" Studs)
Fits: Delta, General, Rockwell, Powermatic, Craftsman (made by Ryobi)

(CS-3-8)  PALS (3/8" Studs)
Fits: Atlas, Ridgid, King, and Craftsman (made by Emerson)

(CSM8) PALS (8mm Studs)
Fits: AMT, Bridgewood, Jet, Ohio Forge

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