Product Name : Dowel Tenon Center

Mark matching drill locations for dowel joinery by inserting the appropriate center in the mating hole.
Available in individual sizes or as a set. 2 pieces in each.

Imperial / Finish:Chrome
(LJY156) 1/4" (2ea) 
(LJY157) 5/16" (2ea)
(LJY158) 3/8" (2ea)
(LJY159) 1/2" (2ea)
(LJY160) includes: 1/4" , 5/16" , 3/8" , 1/2" (8ea)

Metric / Finish:Black Oxide 
(LJY156M) 6MM (2ea)
(LJY157M) 8MM (2ea)
(LJY158M) 10MM (2ea)
(LJY160M) includes: 6MM ,8MM ,10MM (6ea)

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