Product Name : Portable Drill Guide
  • 64 mm diameter hole in the base allows for very large bits. 
  • 4 mount holes at the base.
  • 90 degree control for drilling from zero to sixty degrees in two directions on one axis.
  • Lightweight aluminum base and chuck mount with ridged anodized steel rod guides. 
  • Chucks accommodate 1/4” and 1/2” shanks, available separately. Your drill grabs a 1/4” chuck drive.
  • 85 mm between guide rods to accept most drills. 
  • Angle clamps are easy to fix via aluminum handle and plastic twist knob located on both guide rods.
  • The smaller model is 26 cm in height. Larger model is 35cm in height.

In many situations wood and metal workers have to eyeball the position of their drill. This handy little setup allows you perfect 90 degree plunges at any angle up to 60 degrees. Your drill grabs a 1/4” transition to the pre-mounted chuck provided. It is lightweight, solid, flexible and very accurate. Easy to set up for precise repeatability. The base allows you to mount the guide in place with 4 bolt holes. Use just one mount hole for arced manipulation when removing a lot of material for mortises. Use it horizontally, vertically upside down or laterally. V shaped cradles on the base allow you to drill through pipes and rods with confidence. The guide comes in two heights to accommodate different depths, drills and bit lengths. (Sold separately). Top and bottom stop clamps are adjustable to govern your travel. It is an excellent addition to any shop or work site.

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