Product Name : Weldon Deburring Countersink
Feature a single cutting edge for fast stock removal and chatter-free drilling. This uniquely designed cutting edge shears through wood fibers rather than tearing away at them like traditional countersinks. They'll cut a wide variety of material in portable drills or drill presses and they're easily sharpened.
(A145632) Single-Flute Countersink for #4 and #5 Screws
(DZZ886) Single-Flute Countersink for #6 Screws 1/8 to 19/64
(DZZ887) Single-Flute Countersink for #8 Screws 1/8 to 11/32
(DZZ888) Single-Flute Countersink for #10 Screws 9/64 to 25/64

B. (4DKCS4) Countersinks 4PCS/SET

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