Product Name : Sleeveless Sanding Drums For Drill Presses And Power Drills
  • A single sheet of sandpaper is included with each individual drum.
Sleeveless drum sander accepts standard sandpaper sheets, a locking device secures both ends of sandpaper to the sanding drum. For use on drill presses, lathes, electric drills and small motors.
This sanding drum design eliminates the need to buy replacement sanding sleeves for your drum sander. Cut and fold any type of sheet sandpaper to size for the particular drum size you're using.
Sanding Drum x 1
#120 Sandpaper x 1
Item#Product Specifications
FSD7 3" x 6" & 1/2" Adapter Sanding Drum #120
FSD11013 1" x 3" & 1/4" Adapter Sanding Drum #120
FSD110212 2-1/2" x 3" & 1/2" Adapter Sanding Drum #120
FSD11023 2" x 3" & 1/2" Adapter Sanding Drum #120
FSD11033 3" x 3" & 1/2" Adapter Sanding

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