Product Name : Mesh Sheet Sandpaper, Sanding?Mesh?Sheet (10 Sheet Pack)
  • Prompt dust free sanding
  • Material: Alumium Oxide
  • Size: 2-3/4"x5"
  • 10 Packs a set
  • Color coded on edge for easy identification . 

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Sanding Mesh Sheet is your reliable partner for sanding. Its aluminum oxide material advance sharpness and persistence. The tiny holes design help discharging dusts that solve the clogging and caking problem. Combining functional and durable advantages at one, Sanding Mesh Sheet will show you a brand new experience for sanding.
  • 2ea. 2-3/4"x5" Sanding Mesh Sheet-180X
  • 2ea. 2-3/4"x5" Sanding Mesh Sheet-240X
  • 2ea. 2-3/4"x5" Sanding Mesh Sheet-320X
  • 2ea. 2-3/4"x5" Sanding Mesh Sheet-400X
  • 2ea. 2-3/4"x5" Sanding Mesh Sheet-600X

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