Product Name : Offset Design Wrenches For Router Bit Changes On Routers
Simple in design, and simple to use. The 90degree Router Bit Wrench makes a difficult router bit change easier with it's "bent wrench" design. The wrench bends right around the opening of your router plate so you can easily secure the nut below your bit on your router. The handle is is coated with a solid rubber for a nice easy grip.
(OWS1) Hitachi - Triton 3-1/4 hp
(OWS2) DeWalt - Fein - Triton 3-1/4 hp
(OWS3) Bosch - Triton 2-1/4 hp - Makita
(OWS4) Porter Cable
(OWS15) Bosch Routers 16mm Offset Wrench

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