Product Name : Precision Router Lift For 3-1/2-Inch Diameter Router Motors
  • The Router Lift Systems has flatness and low-friction plate and smooth lifting action.
  • 3/8'' thick aluminum router plate won’t sag, resists scratches
  • Take control of your router table for quick, accurate, and repeatable setups
  • Includes starter pin for routing without fence using bearing-guided bits
  • Compatible Routers 
  • Porter-Cable 690/890 series
  • BOSCH 1617/1608 series
  • Dewalt 610/618 series
  • Craftman 1754X / 28190 / 28084

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The Router Lift Systems fits 3.5" Diameter Motors like the Craftman, Porter-Cable, BOSCH, and Dewalt Routers 
The router bits can be easily changed from the top of the table.. You can quickly raise the router to its highest point, without the need to remove router motors.
The crank handle to adjust the height of your router bit, so you can set up your router bits, and then dial in the exact bit height you require using the Router Lift’s built-in micro-adjustment scale. A built-in micro-adjust scale can be zeroed out at any point to establish your baseline bit setup. 
Two bars under the router plate are adjustable for a perfect fit with the table.
The carriage locked provides keeps the router from creeping downward
3/8" thick aluminum plate for perfect flatness and no sag. Concentric ring inserts provide closeness of bit and support yet allows for the largest of router bits.Includes starting pin, leveling screws and 3 concentric inserts.
  • Router Lift (9-1/4"x11-3/4"x3/8") x1
  • Crank Handle x1
  • Start Pin x1
  • Insert Ring x3
  • Ring Wrench x1
  • 4mm Hex Wrench x1
  • 3mm Hex Wrench x1

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