Product Name : Bowl Buffing Kits for woodworking
  • designed to conform to the concave surfaces of bowls
  • better able to conform to wood contours.
Specially designed to work into the concave surfaces of bowls, Bowl Buffs are offered in several diameters for choosing a size best suited for your work. The buffs are available in three different Fabrics. Each buff works in conjunction with special wax compound. The buffs are generally used on a lathe, but can be also used on a standard motor or even a drill, The buffs mount to a lathe using a lathe adaptor . Mount to a Motor using the 3-1/2" Mounting Hub. The Buffs may also Be Used on a drill or drill press with the the use of a bowl buff drill adaptor .
(TW-123932) 2"
(TW-123933) 3"
(TW-123934) 4"

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