Product Name : Morse Taper Lathe Adapters
  • don't need a large machine to use the system
  • In order to use the Morse Taper with our wood buffing wheels, you must have the combination adapter.
The lathe adapter features a tapered end that slides right into the head stock of your lathe. It comes in an MT-1 or MT-2 version which covers most any style lathe. Once the lathe adapter is in the head stock, you then attach the mounting hub and Secure with hex key wrench. Then thread the wheel or bowl buff directly into the mounting hub and your ready to start polishing your project.
(TW-JMZ1) Morse Taper 1 Lathe Adapter - MT1
(TW-JMZ2) Morse Taper 2 Lathe Adapter - MT2

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