Product Name : Pen Buffing System
  • The wheels are very small and are perfect for small projects like pens
  • Easy to install and use
Getting your finished acrylic and C/A Finished pens to look there absolute best can be a challenge. With the Pen Buffing Kit you'll be able to achieve the perfect finish using the two wheel buffing system that attaches right to your lathe by way of a mandrel. The buffing wheels slide right on to a 7mm mandrel (not included) and are spaced apart using special spacers bushings. Once mounted, apply the blue compound (included with kit) to the linen wheel and buff the pen part until the desired luster is reached. Finish the pen part off using the cotton wheel for a shine that is sure to impress.
1 ea. Linen Wheel
1 ea. Cotton Wheel
2 ea. Long Spacer Bushings
2 ea. Short Spacer Bushings
1 ea. Blue Compound Bar
1 ea. Set of Instructions

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